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Making Sense Of Frankincense

Whether you're on social media or have gone down the rabbit hole googling for something, you no doubt have come across health posts and blogs about the benefits of essential oils. As with so many subjects online, there are a lot of mixed up facts and mistruths about them, but let's look at some of the truthful benefits of Frankincense!

Frankincense originates as dried tree sap resin from the Frankincense tree. The resin is crushed into powder and then placed in a carrier oil bath. The essential oil from the powder is then extracted using steam distillation or CO2 distillation.

Traditionally this essential oil has been used to reduce anxiety, to reduce signs of aging on the skin, and to stimulate the immune system. We know from scientific studies that Frankincense is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. It also increases circulation, aids in protecting cells, and tightens skin. Frankincense's anti-inflammatory properties is one of its most renown properties, and when you consider the many medicinal uses for it, Frankincense is an essential oil that deserves its popularity.

As with most substances that can be used medicinally, there are cautions that should always be considered when using them. With Frankincense Essential Oil it should be noted that some compounds in the essential oil can lower blood pressure and thin the blood. Due to this, pregnant women and people who have issues with blood clotting should be cautious in its use, or forego using this essential oil.

Additionally, it must be noted that ingestion of any essential oil should only be done under the direction of a medical expert who is trained in biology and biochemistry. Constituents in essential oils such as limonene can erode the lining of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. Other constituents may have other adverse effects when ingested. Here at Gay Health Brisbane, Frankincense essential oil is used in several of my oil blends, including the male specific blend used in Full Tantra BodyWork sessions. The vasodilatory effect aids in bringing a greater blood flow that both warms and enhances sensation.

Both Frankincense Essential OIl, and Tantra Massage Oil are available for purchase on the Gay Health Brisbane website.

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