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Hey guys! How was Riverfire? I didn't go myself, didn't want to take part in all the fuss, but was good to see vids on facebook from many people's balconies in the CBD and Southbank!

Personally I spent the night doing a big butt load of admin in the background he he.

Stretch classes are happening on Monday night with Clint, and Thursday night with Jei.

TANTRIC STRETCH CLASSES are now $25 per class, or both classes on the night for $40. REGULAR STRETCH CLASSES (like Solo Stretch) will remain $20 per class.

REMEMBER to book your spot in class so we know who is coming! Classes are limited to a max of 12 guys, and as this latest wave of covid buggers off once again and numbers stabilise again, classes will be full. We have squeezed 17 guys into class once due to guys turning up without booking... we love the enthusiasm, but we just don't have the space!

CLASS PASSES are available in 10, 20 and 30 packs, just jump online :-) Class Passes will also cover ALL Stretch Classes and Yoga Classes.

Robert Buehrig will be teaching Regular Stretch Classes on a Wednesday night soon... we are just figuring out what theme we want the classes to be!

Yes, that's right, YOGA is coming to GHB starting from TUES 20 SEP!!

Tuesday Nights the gorgeous Rob Parmenter will be teaching Yoga at 7pm and 8pm... classes will be $25 each, or both classes on the night for $40, and we will supply large towels for you to mop up sweat as the Red Room Group Space will be heated for classes!


... this class get you moving and grooving, gets your muscles warmed up, your blood flowing, and your mind ohm'ing, and uses Asanas to gently prepare you for the second class...


... this class will show you how to string yoga poses together, and how to use your breath-work to get the most out of the poses and movements. You don't have to be an expert for this class, beginners are very welcome! As with any class, you get out what you put in!

ROB PARMENTER... for those of you who haven't met him, Rob has taught Stretch Classes with GHB previously, and he's also available for Remedial Massage before and after Tuesday Yoga Classes... you can book him online :-)

UPDATE... All the rooms at Camp Cooyar are booked out for the weekend, so if you haven't booked one then get your tent, caravan or camper organised! Jump onto the group chat or head over to the GHB facebook page and post onto the event to find a lift, a camping buddy, or someone to share equipment with.

I'm going to ask everyone to bring a bag of firewood so that we can run both fires without exhausting Camp Cooyar's wood supply for their bonfires over the Xmas and New Year period!

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