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We have a growing team of therapists who work for themselves in a co-operative endeavour under the Gay Health Australia banner, and are always happy to talk to other therapists about joining the family.

All the therapists in the GHA Team have different availabilities and different areas in which they specialise.



Jei is the Director and Admin behind all things Li’Rann.  He is a Holistic Health Facilitator, trained in Massage, Phytomedicine and Weight Management, as well as Dance and Facilitated Stretch.  

Jei's holistic outlook informs every part of his massage practice, which with his degree-level biology and chemistry knowledge gives his practice more depth and understanding than you would find with other therapists.  


His special interest and background in science-based Plant Medicine is a treatment your health can't miss... especially when combined with massage.

Jei is also a creative type, a Yarn Craft Designer and Fashion Designer, and is always expressing himself with a new look.  Whether it be dread extensions he makes by hands and dyes himself, or clothing that he designs and creates by hand, Jei is always bringing something new and fun!

Az and Jei 2.jpg



Azza is Gay Health Australia's

resident Hair Stylist. 


With eight years of styling under his belt in both Stanthorpe and Brisbane, you will enjoy his friendly banter and ready smile while he styles your look! 


Waxing, shaving and clippering are

also part of Azza's skill set, with a Manscape being one of the "must haves" for any man wanting to

look his best.


Azza also offers Sensual BodyWork and Intima Tantra BodyWork.

He is undertaking training with Jei

to further develop his Tantra BodyWork sessions and facilitate Tantra Workshops, as well as learning Remedial Massage techniques. 

Clint #1.jpg


Clint is the resident muscled spunk and all-around great guy of the Gay Health Brisbane Team.  With a background as a Personal Trainer he has great insight into which stretches and which types of massage will give you the best relief from your aches and pains.  You can find Clint in most classes either as a friendly face helping students or as an instructor.  He is also available for massage sessions, and with his easy chilled manner you will find your comfort zone and be able to

relax into his strong hands.

Eugene Lee

Eugene is our resident fashionista and amazingly talented chef.  He pushes the regular boundaries of fashion, cooking and massage to bring you new, exciting and provocative ideas!  With an amazing tool kit of massage and tantra skills, you will not want to miss booking a session with Eugene.  His two main massage offerings are Sensual BodyWork and Tantra.  As a new therapist to GHA we are still working on bringing his Tantra online... but he will use his Tantra to help you explore your boundaries by use of bedroom toys and silk rope binding, combined with his fantastic massage skills!  

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