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Body Grooming

Gay Health Australia is associated with Naked Barber Melbourne, who provides hair and beard grooming, body hair groomed, from your back and shoulders to your butt and legs, and everything in between.  Choose whether you want to be clippered, shaved, or waxed.  Put yourself in Az's hands for a Manscape and you can even combine your Manscape with a Massage!

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Keep your body hair well groomed by clippering... whether it be a zero clipper, or something to maintain your man pelt at a short pile ;-)

Body Grooming is a great way to keep yourself looking trim, taut, and terrific!

Removing grey hairs can keep you looking younger, and a clippered body means more skin available to touch and receive sensations... Try a massage after you've had your body clippered and you will be amazed at how much more you feel in every single stroke.


Keep your body hair well groomed by shaving... a fresh razor is always the best for a smooth shave... and why bend, stretch, reach or squat and do it yourself when you can lay back and have someone else do it for you?

Body Grooming is a great way to keep yourself looking trim, taut, and terrific!

Choose from a range of different body areas that you can have shaved... shaving does take longer than clippering so your appointment is longer.


Keep your body hair well groomed by waxing... this is the smoothest option available for hair removal!

If you are new to waxing it can take 4 to 6 sessions for all of your body hair to be at the same growth phase, reducing partial hair growth between sessions.

Aftercare is very important to reduce instances of ingrown hair, with the use of calming lotions, exfoliants, and skin conditioners.  Your therapist will instruct you on the best methods and products to keep your looking your best!

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A Manscape is a trim of the thatch around your shaft, a shave of your balls and the base of your shaft, and a shave or zero clipper of your butt cleft... if you need it may also include clippering your butt cheeks if there is enough time (depends on how much hair you have).


We also shave the cleft between your balls and your thigh, and even grade the hair out from there to your leg hair with the clippers!

Make your manhood appear bigger, and make yourself feel more confident!

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After your Manscape, jump onto the table for a massage.


Turn your session into an all over treatment, and book a Clipper, Shave or Waxing, followed by a Manscape and finishing up with a Massage.

You are worth it!

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