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Stretching is a great way to regain and maintain joint and muscle health, as well as flexibility and range of movement. As an adjunct to Remedial Massage it can also expand therapeutic possibilities, increase recovery time, and allow clients to pursue their fitness routines with more ability, speed and durability.

We offer guided stretching with qualified instruction, as well as more facilitated and hands-on stretching.  Guided stretching is more similar to a yoga session, while facilitated stretching allows your therapist to hold you in various positions, as well as push you further into postures than you can push yourself.

Stretch positions also have the ability to cross into Sensual and Tantra realms where the positions used in facilitated stretching are more intimate as client and therapist share the same personal space.

We offer both Private Sessions, and Group Classes.  Private Group Classes can be taken any time the therapist is available, while Public Group Classes are provided on a timetable basis. 
Group Classes are limited to 10 people maximum.

Jei Li'Rann is the only therapist offering stretch sessions and classes in Carlton North.

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A one-on-one session is a great way to get individual attention to the areas that you personally need to work on.

Your therapist can run your session as hands-on, guided, or a blend of the two. 


The choice is up to you!


A private class allows a small group of people to stretch together, at a time and on a day of their choosing.

Participants choose how their class is structured in regards to whether they stretch in pairs or solo.  They also choose whether the class remains Remedial or crosses into more intimate or tantra realms.


A public class is open to all participants who wish to attend.

Classes are at set times on set days, with each class having a specific theme such as Remedial Solo Stretch, Partnered Stretch, and Tantric Stretch.

Some classes are clothed and some are conducted naked.

Usually two classes are run in an evening, one after the other.  Different classes are run at different rates depending on the type of class.

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